Tom Cruise Gets Julianne Hough Lapdance, Grabs Her Boobs!

DON'T PANIC - It was all acting

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Tom Cruise Gets Julianne Hough Lapdance, Grabs Her Boobs!
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Tom Cruise received a lapdance from Dancing With The Stars babe Julianne Hough - and grabbed her boobs, it has been revealed.

But don't panic - it was all part of filming for new film Rock Of Ages. Phew!

The scene failed to make the finished cut of the forthcoming film, but Hough told E! Online that she had filming it. We bet!

"It was definitely a musical version of a lap dance so nobody has to get their knickers in a twist," she said. "It's work. It's a musical. It's all about singing and dancing. It was the storyline."

Of the soon-to-be-infamous boob grab, she explained: "That was my first scene of the movie with him.

"There wasn't a lot of acting going on. I was definitely like, ‘Ugh!' But what's great is he…makes you feel very comfortable and at home so you can play around and have a good time and not feel so weird about it."

Malin Akerman also got to film a raunchy scene with Katie Holmes' other half... featuring "lots of ear-licking and leg-spreading!"

She said: "Every time they called cut, it was one of two things. Either we just burst out laughing because we're like, ‘Oh, my God. This is so crazy.'

"Or we would be like, ‘Do you think my knee was too high, was it covering his face?' It's so crazy. It was so much fun."

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