Eva Longoria Dismisses Desperate Housewives Movie Plans


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Eva Longoria Dismisses Desperate Housewives Movie Plans
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Eva Lonogria has dismissed the reports that there will be a Desperate Housewives movie after revealing that the show's creator, Marc Cherry has no plans to create a big screen adaption of the hit show which came to an end earlier this year.

With no plans to follow in the footsteps of Sex And The City, which saw two movies come out after the small screen version ended, Digital Spy reports Eva, who played Gabrielle Solis in the drama saying at the Monte Carlo Television Festival:

"No, there won't be a movie. Marc Cherry, our creator, said there won't be a movie.

"We had eight years of exploring all these characters really to their fullest and this is the reason why we ended the show as well, because we thought the characters had evolved as much as they could."

Believing that the characters have already been explored on the show, Eva, who is producing a new dating show, Ready For Love, added:

"I think when people compare us to shows like Sex and the City, which had 11, 12 episodes a year and they've only gone six years, we had 21 to 25 episodes a year for eight years, so we had a lot of time to really fully explore every option for every character. And so I think that I don't know if there's anything else to see."

What do you think? Are you sad that there won't be a Desperate Housewives movie?

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