Call The Fashion Police! Kelly Osbourne Posts Scary Bedtime Snap

Why Kelly?! Why!

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Kelly Osbourne needs to get some sleep from the looks of her latest Twitter picture.

The usually preened and stylish presenter posted a pretty unflattering snap of herself just before she caught up on her sleep and the 27 year-old didn’t exactly look fresh faced.

In the E! presenter’s defence she did claim to be suffering from Jet lag which explains the red, blurry eyes but nothing can excuse the bedraggled rainbow hair she has pulled on top of her head.

A fan of the rainbow hair look we can’t help but think it makes pale Kelly looked washed out.

The star tweeted the pic to show off her favourite pyjamas, saying: “Just found my favorite pj's! Got to be up at 5am for @e_fashionpolice thank god for my jet lag & comfy bed.”

Clearly the star needs a bit more sleep and a trip to the hairdressers, but the snap does show off her slim figure and yes Kelly the pjamas are pretty cute.

We wonder what the Fashion Police would have said about her look?

Our verdict out of 10? ZERO!

Kelly Looking Better On Night Out In Hollywood...

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