Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson: Spencer Isn’t Allowed To See Me, I Still Love Him

Louise reaffirms her love for ‘ex’ Spencer Matthews

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Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson: Spencer Isn’t Allowed To See Me, I Still Love Him

Louise Thompson from Made In Chelsea has admitted that she is "still in love" with ex-boyfriend Spencer Matthews despite the couple breaking up following the end of the latest series of the reality TV show.

Louise has spoken out to Reveal Magazine about her true feelings for the loveable rogue, implying that they are still very much together though no officially.

She said: “We may not be together in a physical sense, but that’s only down to the fact that he isn’t allowed to see me when he’s filming. But we’re still speaking every day and I still love him.”

She explained: “Officially, we aren’t together, but I won’t get with anyone else… I ask Spencer what he’s been up to. I know he’s kissed some of them, but I think it’s unlikely he’ll fall in love with one of them. By the sounds of it, I don’t have much to worry about at all. I think a couple of them work in strip clubs.”

Viewers of Made In Chelsea saw the dramatic turn of events in the latest series of the posh show where Spencer Matthews made the decision to betray best friend Jamie by hooking up with his love interest Louise. Spencer explained that taking a chance with Louise was a risk worth taking, as his feelings were too strong to ignore.

The series ended and it was promptly announced that Spencer would be taking part in the newest series of The Bachelor – the reality show in which a single guy dates 24 single girls in order to find his perfect love match. But wait a minute, what about Louise?

It soon became clear that Louise and Spencer had broken up, with Louise telling new! Magazine two weeks ago that the decision was mutual.

“It wasn’t really a dumping thing. It just kind of happened. It was just a good idea. It was a mutual decision.”

And according to The Mirror, Spencer had revealed that the couple had split because they were “arguing about petty things.”

So what’s really going on between the pair?! Is Louise clutching at straws? Or is Spencer intending on getting back together with her once the show finishes?

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