Fifty Shades Of Grey Becomes UK's Fastest-Selling Book Of The Year

Its sold over four million copies worldwide...

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The erotic novel that everyone is talking about, Fifty Shades Of Grey, has become the UK's fastest-selling novel of the year.

E L James's erotic novel has sold over four million copies around in UK, New Zealand, Australia, India and South Africa, confirms Random House.

Physical copies of the paperback book have been measured by Nielson Bookscan and in the UK alone, 765,000 copies have been sold with Arrow Books reprinting the novel 16 times.

"The sales figures are phenomenal and we look forward to seeing them grow over the summer - what could be more perfect than relaxing by the pool with a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey," said Charlotte Bush, Arrow's director of publicity and media relations.

"I speak from first hand when I say the books are utterly addictive and I know I'm not alone - everyone here at Arrow Books is totally Grey-sessed!"

While charts editor of The Bookseller Philip Stone added: "Sales of the Fifty Shades series have been nothing short of phenomenal and records are tumbling.

"All three novels sold more than 100,000 copies at UK bookshops last week, meaning EL James has become the first writer to see three of her books sell more than 100,000 copies in the same week."

He also added: "The paperback edition of Fifty Shades of Grey has sold in just two months (765,000+ copies) what Brown's The Da Vinci Code, the bestselling paperback novel of all time, took over six months to achieve.

"An article yesterday said that Fifty Shades of Grey 'may reach the million mark' in paperback sales by the end of the year. The end of the year? I think it'll hit that figure by the end of the month."

Since the book has hit the shelves, everyone from Kristen Stewart to Amy Childs have been talking about it - with the 'Twilight' star thought to be in the running to play the heroine Anastacia Steele.

Although our readers have voted Mila Kunis their favourite to play the innocent school girl that is charmed into sadomasochism by billionaire Christian Grey.

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Kristen Stewart's Twilight role stands her in good stead.