Revealed! Bridget Jones 3 On Hold Indefinitely

Delays and yet more delays have scuppered Renee Zellweger's return.

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Revealed! Bridget Jones 3 On Hold Indefinitely
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Bad news for Bridget Jones fans as the new movie is on hold indefinitely, according to one of its stars Sally Phillips. The movie had been due to begin filming this summer, but as Phillips revealed, it has been so beset by delays that not even it's stars know when or if filming will begin.

The comedienne and actress, who plays Bridget's friend Sharon in the films sensationally revealed that she's had her hopes of a movie raised, then dashed again.

Phillips said: "It was due to shoot in August, then I was told it was delayed till September, then I was told it was delayed till October and I was having a baby at the end of October, so I was nervous, and then they said don't worry it's starting in November and I was like still, for me that was worse because either I'm going to be 9 months pregnant, or I'm just going to be fat. Either of those are bad, and then it was postponed till January, and then we had a call saying it was postponed indefinitely."

She did however admit that she really hoped that the film would end up being made, as when asked about her thoughts on another film she said: "Yeah I am excited about it, I get on very well, an I think the people who play the friends in those films have the best time."

Phillips added: "you can be any weight, you just sit in your caravan and I just talk to James Callis (Tom) who's one of the funniest, apart from Tom Conti [Phillips' co-star in new Sky1 series Parents], one of the funniest men alive, just sit and talk to him while they film all the difficult stuff and occasionally theyt just sort of wheel us in to look surprised. So I love doing it, and I'd love to do another one, but soon please because I'm ageing quite a lot faster than Renee."

Come on guys, sort it out and get Sally and of course Bridget, back on screen!

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