Is Miley Cyrus' Career In Trouble?

Selena Gomez takes her movie role

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Is Miley Cyrus' Career In Trouble?

Miley Cyrus' career seems to be on permanent hold, as Selena Gomez replaces her in Adam Sandler’s upcoming movie ‘Hotel Transylvania’.

The 19 year-old might be excited about her recent engagement to Liam Hemsworth and ever-growing collection of pet animals, but while she plays house her Hollywood rivals are taking the film roles she should be striving for.

According to Hollywoodlife, Miley was meant to play Mavis, daughter of Dracula, in Adam Sandler's latest flick. But Selena Gomez pipped her to the post.

The young actress now seems to sit in the house all day, sleeping away half the afternoon and watching children's TV programmes.

She tweeted last week:

"eatin trail mixxx watchin Kenan & Kel. wurrrrd @CheyneThomas i know u wish u were here bowbow"

She later said: "Did I really sleep till 3 pm?" before adding, "home sweet home".

On 11 June she confessed:

"laying in a warm bed listening to Irma Thomas.... How did I get so lucky? ‪#followyourbliss"

E! reported in February that Miley had dropped out of 'Hotel Transylvania' to "take some more time to figure out what her next move in the movies should be."

It doesn't sound like she's doing much of that!

Perhaps her future husband can teach her to balance work and play. The honeymoon period certainly seems like it's made her lazy!

Miley workin' hard by the poolside...

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