Emma Watson: 'I Didn't Dye My Dog Pink'

Star claims dog belongs to friend and is dyed to raise money for charity

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Emma Watson had hit back at animal lovers who attacked the ‘Harry Potter’ actress after she was spotted walking a dog whose fur had been dyed pink.

The 22 year-old claimed that the Maltese terrier named Darcy isn’t even her dog and was dyed to raise money for cancer research. Some users had hit out at the star calling the dyeing practice animal cruelty.

"Just to clarify one more time that I don't have a dog. #factcheckingtakesfiveminutes," the actress tweeted.

"@PinkDarcyDog is pink because her owner is raising money for breast cancer. I wish Darcy was my dog but she isn't. Was just walking her," she insisted.

It isn’t Darcy’s first brush with fame as the pink doggy already has a Twitter account with over 2000 followers.

According to Stuart Simons who owns Groom Dog City in Bethnal Green, East London where Darcy gets his dye job the process is dog-friendly. Darcy is aiming to raise £10,000 for charity by turning pink and despite the worries of dog lovers is a perfectly safe practice.

“Pink is our biggest colour, but I do look after another bichon called Casper who comes in for a blue mohican.” Simon told the Daily Mail.

“All the dyes I use are completely animal-friendly. They are made from vegetable dye.” He added.

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