New Orleans, Britain Or France? Where Will Brad Pitt Marry Angelina Jolie

Globe trotting couple have too many options....

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New Orleans, Britain Or France? Where Will Brad Pitt Marry Angelina Jolie
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Since they became engaged in April this year the whole world seems to want to know where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be getting married and when. If they thought speculation over when they would get engaged was bad, they must have been in for a shock because as soon as the ‘Moneyball’ star slipped that ring on Ang’s finger tongues have been wagging over their potential marriage.

From their French Chateau to Hawaii and even the UK where the couple are based for the next year wedding rumours have been rife.

According to Heat Magazine though the most likely location will be New Orleans where the family have a permanent home close to their families.

"People thought they would choose their house in France, but New Orleans makes so much more sense," a source revealed.

"They don't have a permanent place in LA, but they have one in New Orleans. Also, they know how much money will be injected into the city if they wed there."

The florist and caterers have also reportedly been booked for the nuptials which will take place sometime this year.

"They want to hold it at their £2 million home in the French Quarter - it would be totally private," the insider went on. "New Orleans is easy for their friends to get to. "The list includes huge names like George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino, Tilda Swinton and Jonah Hill. It's going to be a big deal."

While New Orleans, where Brad’s charity has helped to redevelop parts of the city devastated by hurricane Katrina may be an option the couple are said to also favour the UK because same-sex marriages are allowed.

"It allows same-sex marriages, something the couple passionately believe in,” according to the Daily Star.

Their French Chateau is the only one which has seen any visible preparations though, as a large white marque has been erected next to the chapel on their extensive estate.

With so many options we wouldn’t be surprised if Brad and Ang are as confused as us! Where do you think the couple will tie the knot?

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