PHOTO: Kristen Stewart Rocks Jeans Out To A Wedding With Robert Pattinson

Star had 'to borrow a dress'...

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We all know that when it comes to dressing Kristen Stewart it's best off to steer clear of the dresses as she won't stay in it for longer than she has to (so probably two hours tops) but the 'Twilight' actress took it to new extremes at a recent Hollywood wedding that she attended with Robert Pattinson, as she made the cardinal sin and wore jeans.

Kristen poses with wedding guests...

The highest paid Hollywood actress, who according to Forbes magazine commands $34.5 million per movie, turned up to the wedding without a dress as she'd apparently forgotten it and ended up having to borrow a cocktail dress from a member of the groom's party.

Kristen, 22, flew to the US for the New Jersey wedding this weekend and rocked up in a black tank top, blazer and a pair of skinny jeans.

Thank heavens the groom's sister's closet was on hand to lend her a navy Zac Posen frock for the occasion. But true to fashion, Kristen got back into her jeans within an hour, according to reports.

Robert Pattinson was also at the wedding of Hollywood producer Kevin Turen, as was Andrew Garfield, Zac Efron and Will Kopelman but Kristen didn't stray too far from Rob, as a source told People that the couple “stuck to each other's side all night”.

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Robert Pattinson's casual look is pretty sexy... but it would have been FAR better without the moody expression!