Lady Gaga Song Inspired By Princess Diana

It's time to welcome 'Princess Die' to the airwaves...

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In a controversial move, Lady Gaga has debuted a brand new song titled 'Princess Die' and it seems as if it has been based on the life of Diana Spencer, mother to Prince William and Prince Harry.

The track came to our attention at Lady Gaga's live tours and, after listening to the lyrics closely, it seems very likely that the song was based on the life of Princess Diana.

We wonder if the Royal Family have listened to the controversial song yet? We imagine that the line "I wish I would go in my rich boyfriend's limo" would hit a nerve with Princess Diana's sons, Harry and William, not to mention Prince Charles.

'Princess Die'

So let's break it down; is this song REALLY about Princess Diana?

"I’m hungry from an anorexic heart. I’ve been trying to tell you how I feel but was never very smart."

Princess Diana was famous for calling for a greater understanding of those suffering from eating disorders and, famously, was accused of suffering from bulimia and / or anorexia.

"I wish I would go [die] in my rich boyfriend's limo. Right after he proposed with a 16 carat stone wrapped in rose gold, with the paparazzi all swarming around, in my Louis Vuitton white buttoned down."

That line seems pretty self-explanatory...

"Bob your head for another dead blonde."

There's no denying that the song is very poignant; speaking out about Princess Di's infamous relationship with the press, who have been accused of hounding her to death, she lays hints that the unhappy Royal often thought about taking her own life.

Lady Gaga isn't exactly shy about releasing controversial tunes - after all, look at the media frenzy caused by 'Judas' - but she has said that it is not yet definite whether the song will appear on her follow-up album to 'Born This Way'.

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