Mel C Denies Spice Girls Rift: 'We're Closer Than Ever'

No infighting between former pop group

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Mel C Denies Spice Girls Rift: 'We're Closer Than Ever'
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The Spice Girls reportedly fell out over an offer to perform at the Diamond Jubilee Concert and have been plagued by rumours of infighting and bitching since they rose to fame in 1997, but despite the claims Mel C insists that the girls are closer than ever.

The fivesome were reunited this week to launch ‘Viva Forever’ a musical based on their hits and despite Victoria standing slightly apart from the rest of the girls, Mel claims they are the best of friends.

“Our friendship has got better with age,” Mel told Good Housekeeping in a recent interview.

“We’ve shared something so unique that if any of us needed one of the others, we’d be there.”

This was reiterated at the press conference to launch the musical earlier this week, where all the girls tried their best to convince that they were the best of friends.

“We like each other at the end of the day. Whatever is said,” Mel B said according to The Metro, dismissing rumours that she's fallen out with Victoria Beckham.

The more they go on about it though, the less we are convinced. Geri Halliwell went on for ages about how they really do have a “good time” together and “laugh a lot.”

She said: “We actually do have a good time together when it is just us lot. I laugh a lot. We’re really fun.”

Yeah, sounds it....

She even tried to claim that tension in the band was “a sign of friendship through ups and downs.”

Not convincing us Geri!

While they might have been saying all the right words their body language spoke volumes. Victoria, clearly the most successful Spice with her fashion line and A list family stood apart from the rest of the band who have been less successful.

Vic is arguably a bigger star now than she was in the group and it showed as the others clung to each other with forced perma grins and she struck her usual pouty pose.

We don't know if we are convinced, after all Mel B and Vic both live in Hollywood yet never see each other and we only evern hear of them getting together when they have something to promote.

While the rest of the girls went out after the launch Victoria got on a plane straight back to LA.

Yeah Girl Power!

The Spice Girls Back In The Day.....

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