WATCH: Chris Martin Surprises Gwyneth Paltrow With A VERY Public Kiss

Everyone allergic to PDAs, look away now...

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Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow aren't known for being the cuddliest of couples so, when the Coldplay frontman surprised his wife with a serious PDA, we were just as shocked as she was!

The pair haven't been seen smooching in public for almost a decade - seriously - so fans of the power couple were left gobsmacked when Chris Martin left the stage at a Coldplay concert in Miami to plant a smooch on the actress' lips!

Check out the video below...

Does it remind anyone else of the final kissing scene from hit Brit flick 'Wimbledon'?

Chris Martin, in the style of Paul Bettany before him, jumped off the stage on Friday night and, guarded by a bodyguard, rushed through the audience to locate his wife. And the 'Iron Man' actress DEFINITELY seemed to have been caught off guard, dissolving into giggles and blushing bright-red as the crowds around her let out a series of whoops and wolf whistles!

We don't know what came over Chris Martin, but we'd like to see more of it. After all, in an era where celebrity couples rip each other to shreds in the divorce courts (we mean YOU, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes!), it's nice to see a bitta romance in the world of showbiz.

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