Demi Moore's Daughters 'Cut Off Contact' With Actress After 'Series Of Fights'

Rumer, Scout and Tallulah 'Don't Want To Deal With Drama'

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Demi Moore's Daughters 'Cut Off Contact' With Actress After 'Series Of Fights'
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Demi Moore's relationship with her daughters has said to have reached “breaking point” after a series of fights, with Rumer, Scout and Tallulah cutting off all contact with their wreck of a mother.

The actress has had a difficult time since the breakdown of her marriage to Ashton Kutcher and spent a month in rehab earlier this year for substance abuse issues and an eating disorder after she collapsed at her Beverley Hills home.

Despite trying to rebuild her life, the star is said to be “very needy” and her daughters are desperate for a break from her.

"Rumer, Scout and Tallulah just don't want to deal with the drama at the moment," a told RadarOnline. "Since breaking up with Ashton, Demi has been a mess. The girls were there for her through it all the split and the rehab but now they just feel like they need a little distance."

The girls, who Demi has leaned on heavily during her troubles, are said to fear that she is not progressing and may be heading back to rehab soon and don't feel like she is acting like a mother.

"Demi is just being very needy right now and the girls are tired of it, they want a mother not another little sister,” the source explained, “they are all concerned that she is going to relapse and head back to rehab and they can't deal with the stress and worry of it.”

The “breaking point” came at the 18 year-old Tallulah's high school graduation. The source revealed: “None of the girls wanted Demi there but she turned up anyway and it was really strained. They had a huge fight afterwards and the girls decided it would be in their best interests to take a break from Demi for a while.”

Although Demi split from Ashton last November her daughters are still close to their former step-father, something that hasn't got down well with the 'Ghost' actress.

“They all adore him and talk to him regularly which Demi hates, but he was a huge part of their lives when they were growing up and they don't want to break off all contact with him,” the insider added.

The girls, whose father is Bruce Willis, have had to deal with their own problems as well. 20 year-old Scout was arrested in New York for under age drinking and use of a fake ID earlier this year, while it has been reported “nude photos” of Tallulah have been touted to media outlets according to RadarOnline.

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