WATCH: Wiz Khalifa Admits He's 'Ready For A Family' With Amber Rose

The couple have already started planning their wedding

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Wiz Khalifa has revealed that even though him and his wife-to-be Amber Rose may not have been engaged that long, they've already started picking out colours, seating arrangements and have even already discussed having a family.

The showbiz couple got engaged back in March this year and since then Amber has expressed that she's the 'happiest woman in the world' via Twitter.

Entertainmentwise met up with Wiz Khalifa recently and the star couldn't wait to discuss wedding plans with us...

"We don't have a date in mind but we know we want to get married next year, for sure" the singer said.

Before adding, "We've started picking out colours and sorting out seating arrangements, what we want things to look like outside and inside and just scratching the surface and we'll get deep in there when everything settles down with the album."

And with Wiz about to release his new material to the world, having just released a stream/download for new single 'Different Cloth' featuring Busta Rhymes and the upcoming album 'O.N.I.F.C' expected in August, it must take one understanding fiancee to put up with him being gone majority of the time...

Wiz continued: "I'm just happy that she's so cool about letting me do my album and letting me have my time to prepare everything because she could be what everyone expects her to be, like 'Ok let's go, let's get married right now' but instead she's like 'no I understand that you've got to do this, you've got to do that' and I'm like 'alright cool' and it's my job to give her what she wants as well and that's the family and the stability."

N'awww. Could we be hearing the pitter patter of tiny footsteps soon then?

Wiz added: "I mean if she's at home she's not going to be doing much, she's going to be waiting on me while I'm out, we've got to have a family. For me I'm ready for that type of stuff too and there's nobody else I'd want to do that with. So, yeah time is being taken."

Too cute!

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