PHOTO: Big Fat Gypsy Wedding's Danielle Mason Gets Naked, Shows Off Her New Body

TV star had boob job and lipo

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It's fair to say that Big Fat Gypsy Wedding's Danielle Mason isn't shy when it comes to flashing the flesh, seeing as she's posed completely nude for a magazine shoot.

The glamour model turned TV star who has appeared in the hit Channel 4 show with her husband-to-be Tony Giles who is a traveller, decided to reveal all and talk about how Tony payed for her to get a boob job and liposuction after suffering post natal depression, in an interview with Closer magazine which is out today.

Speaking about how unhappy she was with her body during and after her pregnancy, the TV star, who is EastEnders actress Jessie Wallace's half sister, told the publication:

"I was a size 14 and 13st when I was pregnant and managed to get to a size 12 and 10st after the birth through exercise. But no matter how much I went to the gym I couldn’t get my flat tummy back. I’d had a Caesarean and my stomach muscles were cut in the op, leaving me with a paunch that refused to go. 

“I know I wasn’t big, but I’d always prided myself on keeping trim and wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror. My boobs sagged from where I breastfed and my nipples had stretched. I had zero confidence and felt my body had been ruined.”

Believing that getting liposuction on her hips and stomach and increasing her cupsize from a D to an F, helped her get her self esteem back, Danielle added:

“I had the surgery for my self-esteem and to look sexy for Tony. It’s important to look your best for your man. I loved doing the shoot. I feel confident about my body now...“If you’re not happy and can do something to boost your confidence, where’s the harm in it? 

“The lipo was the most painful thing, second to giving birth – I’m still recovering. But I’m happy with the results.”

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