Morgan Freeman Talks Marijuana, Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes

'The Dark Knight Rises' actor believes Tom Cruise is a 'really sweet human being'...

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Morgan Freeman Talks Marijuana, Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes
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Morgan Freeman, who stars in much anticipated flick 'The Dark Knight Rises', has spoken out about the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split. And marijuana...

Morgan Freeman has famously been quoted as saying that he was "disgusted" by the way Tom Cruise controlled his ex-wife Katie Holmes but, as he revealed to Newsweek Magazine, he has no ill feelings towards the 'Mission Impossible' star at all:

"It’s stupid. That’s just reporters; that has nothing to do with me. I don’t recall any knowledge of how Katie was even treated. I don’t know anything about it, really, and I certainly never commented on it!"

And, when probed further on what he thought about Tom Cruise's character, he stated that he felt the man was very sweet and generous:

"I wrapped filming on that two months ago but he’s such a total professional. He’s a really sweet human being and very generous. He’s also very giving as an actor and even more giving as a person. I like him a lot."

A very sweet human being, eh? As opposed to... a very sweet possum?

Whatever. Morgan Freeman likes Tom Cruise and has no ill feelings towards him, or Katie Holmes, at all. However he DOES have a few things to say to those in positions of power on the little matter of legalising marijuana:

"Marijuana! Heavens, oh yeah. It’s just the stupidest law possible, given history. You don’t stop people from doing what they want to do, so forget about making it unlawful. You’re just making criminals out of people who aren’t engaged in criminal activity."

Except it... it kind of is a criminal activity if marijuana is an illegal substance Morgan. But we see your point.

"And we’re spending zillions of dollars trying to fight a war we can’t win! We could make zillions, just legalize it and tax it like we do liquor."

Whaddaya reckon guys? Does the 'Shawshank Redemption' star have a point?

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