Simon Cowell Has His Garden Hedges Cut In The Shape Of His Head?!

The music mogul has had a bush makeover

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Simon Cowell Has His Garden Hedges Cut In The Shape Of His Head?!

We all know Simon Cowell is vain, but this takes it to a whole new level! Apparently Mr Cowell has had a bit of a garden makeover and has asked for his hedges to be cut in the shape of his own hedge!

Simon's garden manicure is said to have cost him the humble sum of £40,000, his west London garden and patio were-done, with a three-tiered bush making up the horticultural centre piece.

.A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper:

''Simon is very particular about his £9million house and needs everything to be perfect. He decided to overhaul his plot and, after consulting a landscape gardener, thought it would be hilarious to have little replicas of his hair everywhere.''

The insider continued: ''He briefly considered having topiary faces, too, but figured that would be a little extreme. So he plumped for the hair-shaped bushes. 'Simon has also had his terrace re-done, because the limestone tiles were ever so slightly askew."

''The only non-manicured area is home to a partially hidden motorcycle, which he stores there.''

The source added: ''Simon has some state-of-the-art exercise machines and a huge plasma TV on which he generally watches his own shows.''

So he spends his time watching himself on TV and now wants to see himself every time he steps out into his garden! Not big headed at all ey Simon?

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