Harry Styles Dating 19 Year-Old Brunette Alyssa Reid?

Claims to have his number and is already planning their first date!

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Harry Styles Dating 19 Year-Old Brunette Alyssa Reid?
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Looks like Harry Styles has finally gone for someone his own age as busty singer Alyssa Reid claims to have got pretty close to the One Direction hunk on Saturday night (July 22) and being 19 is a good ten years younger than Harry's usual conquests.

The aspiring singer met the 1D hunk at the Echo Arena in Liverpool and soon caught his eye. The brunette was thrilled to find out her dressing room was opposite the boys and after performing single 'Alone Again' went in search of the 'What Makes You Beautiful' hunk.

Speaking to the Mirror Alyssa wasn't exactly shy about admitting she had put the moves on the teenage heartthrob.

“Yes I have introduced myself... and I may or may not have got a phone number. But I never kiss and tell,” she revealed.

"I’m not telling you. I can’t tell. I would never go for a taken man, though, so he must be one of the single ones.”

The brunette was even working out when exactly she was going to put the moves on the curly-haired cutie.

“We’re doing another show tomorrow so maybe I’ll make a move on him then,” she explained.

"I shouldn’t have told you but I would love to cook for him – asparagus-stuffed chicken breast with hollandaise sauce. That’s one way to get a man.”

mmmmm tasty.

While Alyssa, who also stayed at the same hotel as the boys attempted to become yet another notch on the 'One Thing' star's bed post it seems disappointingly for her no bed-hopping whatsoever went on at the hotel later.

Harry was actually spotted flirting with someone else, TV presenter Caroline (no not that one) Whitmore.

Maybe Harry isn't a fan on asparagus-stuffed chicken?

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