Jennifer Lopez's Toyboy Lover Sneaks Into X-Rated Peepshow

Casper Smart spotted sneaking into sex show ahead of J-Lo's birthday...

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Jennifer Lopez's Toyboy Lover Sneaks Into X-Rated Peepshow
Photo: Splash News

Well this is awkward, isn't it? Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend has been caught on camera sneaking into an X-rated peepshow... the day before J-Lo's birthday.

Oh Casper. Whatever happened to the traditional birthday card?

Casper 'Not So' Smart was spotted by keen eyed paparazzi when he stopped to make a quick call outside the X-rated New York establishment yesterdary afternoon, before ducking inside to catch the live peepshow.

Sources at the Daily Mail have been quick to suggest that Smart enjoyed the adult show a little too much:

"He was seen adjusting his jeans as he emerged some time later."

Ahem. Apparently it was a very good show then...

Casper has been dating Jennifer for around eight months and has, up until now, maintained a squeaky clean image.

And, yes, later that night he DID play the doting boyfriend when he took J-Lo for dinner at Cipriani, but we imagine the 43 year old won't be having such a happy birthday when she discovers what Casper was up to behind her back.

Fingers crossed that the news doesn't ruin the taste of her birthday cake...

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