Are David And Victoria Beckham Trying For An Olympic Baby?

Friends have said that the couple are trying for their fifth and final child

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Are David And Victoria Beckham Trying For An Olympic Baby?
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David and Victoria Beckham are reportedly trying for their fifth and final baby during the London Olympics. Oh, we can't wait to hear the baby names for this one!

And with both stars being super patriotic, and the fact they've never hidden their desire for another child, it seems the perfect time to try now right?

One of David's friends has spoken to the Daily Star, saying: “Both Victoria and David are very patriotic and would love it if she got pregnant while they are in London for the Olympics, especially as it is also the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year."

“Their other children were conceived overseas, so the duo are hoping that their final child will have a Made In Britain tag.

“Brooklyn was famously named after where he was conceived in New York.

“And Victoria has joked that if she gets pregnant with a boy during the Olympics they are going to call him Stratford.”

Well, Stratford's not the worst name they could come up with! But why five children?

It's been reported that five kids would make up a family of 7, which is their lucky number.

Insiders have told the Daily Star: “They have always wanted five children to give them a family of seven – which is their lucky number."

“It’s also the number that David wore on his England and Manchester United football shirts."

“Victoria is really into symbolism, and she can’t help but notice there are five rings in the Olympic logo and, of course, there were five members of the Spice Girls.”

Clever! Will we be hearing the pitter patter of tiny Beckham feet again soon?

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