Tom Daley Victim Of Vile Twitter Abuse And Death Threats After Missing Out On Medal

Impressed with Peter Waterfield but still faced horrific taunts...

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Tom Daley Victim Of Vile Twitter Abuse And Death Threats After Missing Out On Medal

Tom Daley has been the victim of appalling abuse on Twitter after missing out on a medal for Great Britain in the synchronised diving today.

The 18-year-old diver did the UK proud with his partner Peter Waterfield, finishing a close fourth.

Losing with good humour, Daley tweeted "#gutted so sorry everyone but we tried our best and you can't afford to miss a dive at this standard...bring on individual!"

However, one particularly unpleasant Twitter user clearly felt this wasn't enough, and subjected Tom to a stream of vile abuse.

Tom retweeted the most unpleasant abuse of all, which read: "You let your dad down i hope you know that."

Tom's father Robert tragically died from a brain tumour only a year ago.

He responded by saying "After giving it my get idiot's sending me this."

The troll always sent a tweet saying "hope your crying now you should be why can't you even produce for your country your just a diver anyway a over-hyped pr**k."

Another read "you really didn't try your best tommy you said you'd do your country proud and you let us all down rather support a tramp tbh."

Luckily Tom's fans were quick to rally behind him, and a hashtag demanding that the user be removed from Twitter was soon trending worldwide

At first this caused him to apologise, with a tweet that read "I'm sorry mate I just wanted you to win cause it's the olympics I'm just annoyed tom accept my apology".

However, when he was rightly ignored, he started sending even more explicit abuse.

One tweet read "why don't you respond to me you pr**k stop getting me hate alright I've said I'm sorry now f**k off" while another said "where are you now you little p***y?"

He even went as far as to threaten to kill Daley, saying "i'm going to find you and i'm going to drown you in the pool you cocky tw*t your a nobody people like you make me sick"

Clearly, a deeply sad individual. Don't worry Tom, we'll be cheering twice as loudly during your next event!

Tom and pals explore the Olympic village.


Tom Daley in the Olympic Village with Jack Laugher and Chris Mears (Twitter / Instagram / Tom Daley / Jack Laugher) 26/07/2012