WATCH: Lindsay Lohan 'Makes Film Crew Strip For Sex Scenes'

It makes her feel more comfortable...

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Lindsay Lohan might have posed nude for Playboy magazine recently but the star has become more modest and has allegedly requested that while she strips off for her sex scenes, the film crew do too!

It what sounds like a orgy-fanatic's dream – don't get too excited, as the method was apparently just to help Lindsay relax a little more.

While filming scenes for 'The Canyons', Lindsay reportedly refused to film a sex scene until all members of the crew too their kit off too.

According to TMZ, the scene required the actress to go topless but the actress was overcome with nerves that she couldn't get into the character to shoot her scenes.

The website reports that the crew were hesitant but eventually relented and filmed the rest of the scenes in their underwear too. In the new movie, Lindsay stars opposite porn star James Deen, who we can't imagine has too many problems with getting his kit off.

Talking about their sex scenes, the actor wrote on his blog:

 "My favorite part of the day was sitting with Lindsay Lohan (who is amazing) and our director Paul Schrader (who is also amazing) and planning out how we would shoot our love scenes in the movie.”

"Doing porn is easy," he continued. "(But) the sex scenes in the movie are obviously not particularly sexual scenes. They are plot driven story intensive scenes. The point of all this is that the three of us talked about how each shot was going to go and the choreography of each scene. We talked for a long time about it and even used props." 

Lindsay strips on the beach...

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