Colin Farrell: It Was 'Creepy' Kissing Kate Beckinsale In Front Of Her Husband

And he wasn't over the moon about it either

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Colin Farrell: It Was 'Creepy' Kissing Kate Beckinsale In Front Of Her Husband

Colin Farrell may be known as being a bit of a ladies man, but even the Irish actor felt that it was "creepy" kissing Kate Beckinsale in front of her hubby on the set of new movie 'Total Recall'.

If you're wondering why Beckinsale's hubby was sticking around to watch his wife lock lips with the heart throb, it was because he was the director, Len Wiseman.

Farrell told TV host Conan O'Brien: "She's actually the director's wife. She's married to the director. (It was) moderately uncomfortable... Kissing her was a little bit dodgy 'cause the director, her husband, wasn't kind enough to leave the room. Being a director he had to watch the scene. It's a little bit creepy."

It's a good job Farrell's not too keen on snogging Kate, as he faced the wrath of the director if he carried on kissing the British beauty. Wiseman told Celebuzz:“ It’s amazing how much your blood boils immediately if you call cut and it doesn’t stop right way. On Underworld [his previous movie with Beckinsale], I was being very polite and they didn’t hear me. You’ve got to stop when I call cut. So now I make a point of having a megaphone during love scenes.”

Farrell plays the character of Douglas Quaid, first played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1990 original, while Beckinsale plays Lori, his scheming wife.

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