Geordie Shore's Sophie Says A Tearful Goodbye As She Quits The Show

The mum of Geordie Shore has put her partying ways to rest

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Geordie Shore's Sophie Says A Tearful Goodbye As She Quits The Show
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Bubbly Sophie Kasaei famed for her ladette behaviour broke down in tears on tonight’s episode of Geordie Shore as she left the Mexican villa to return home to her boyfriend.

Their turbulent relationship has divided the house since flirtatious Joel turned up in his low v-neck vest but in the past few weeks Joel’s philandering has almost ceased.

The Geordie family gather round to hear the news as Sophie tells them: “I’m not happy, I miss home, I’ve got a boyfriend and things have changed.”

Homesick Sophie dropped the bombshell on her co-stars stating: “Yous know that I’ve been thinking about going home and I just thought I’d tell yous that today is my last day and I go home tomorrow morning.”

The shocking revelation caught some of the cast members off-guard and best friend on the show, Charlotte, couldn’t hide her emotions, bursting into tears after hearing the sad news.

Baby of the family, Charlotte sobbed: “I don’t even want to believe that what she’s saying is true because she’s me best friend.”

Distraught Charlotte was inconsolable at the thought of her best friend leaving, saying: “And I’ve got no one in this house except for Sophie and I don’t think I’ll be able to do it without her.”

Fellow co-star, Holly angrily disapproved of Sophie’s decision and claimed she was concerned about her choice to flee home to her boyfriend, Joel.

Ballsy Holly said: “I hope Soph doesn't regret leaving because I feel like she's leaving for Joel and if Joel breaks her heart then I'll break his f***ing legs.”

Holly wasn’t the only fiery Geordie with an attitude as controlling Ricci decided to throw a hissy fit when a drunk Vicky threw her bra at Sophie and Holly during karaoke night.

Ricci whined: “I feel like it’s disrespectful to me and disrespectful to our relationship.”

Volcano Vicky didn’t remain dormant for long after Ricci later flipped out because she let her hair down, the fight ended in a slap and Ricci saying: “The one person I love most in this entire world has just smacked us in the face.”

The cast are dropping like flies with fellow original Jay Gardner confirming he will leave the show to spend more time with his girlfriend and newbie Rebecca Walker also leaving at the end of this series.

Sophie confirmed that she won't be returning to Geordie Shore but reminisced on her time on the show, saying: “These guys are my best friends for life but it’s time for me to go home now.”

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