American Idol Causing Trouble In Mariah Carey's Marriage?

Nick Cannon reportedly didn't want Mariah to take the gig.

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American Idol Causing Trouble In Mariah Carey's Marriage?
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While Mariah Carey might be excited about joining the American Idol but it has been reported that her husband Nick Cannon doesn't feel the same.

According to the ever so truthful (notice our sarcasm there) National Enquirer, Mariah's marriage to Nick is thought to be on the rocks because the America's Got Talent host is upset that she has agreed to star on the rival show.

A source said of the claims: “Privately, Nick’s gritting his teeth and dead-set against her taking the job. Nick was tossing around outrageous sal­ary figures in hopes of pricing Mariah out of the market.

“Right until the eleventh hour, he was begging her to pass on the offer. He was dangling incentives — diamond jewellery, a luxurious spa vacation, even promising to pay her a one-time ‘gift’ of $15 million for saying no.”

Revealing that he had plans for Mariah that didn't involve working on a reality show, the source continued: “Nick wants her to be a stay-at-home mum to their twins, at least until they turn five. He was even hoping to have another baby, but Mariah has effectively scorched that dream.”

Hmm, Nick didn't appear angry when he praised his wife on her impending role as a judge. He told Access Hollywood: “She’s going to be amazing… people don’t know my wife’s sense of humour. They’re about to get the whole Mariah Carey, raw and uncut! And see the woman that I fell in love with.”

A rep for Mariah has been approached for comment.

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