Toni Braxton Is Being Sued For $57,000 Theft!

Trouble for singer!

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Toni Braxton Is Being Sued For $57,000 Theft!

Unbreak My Heart singer Toni Braxton is being sued for theft, it has been reported. Yes, we’re baffled as well...

The 44-year-old R&B songstress is being sued by an advertising company for not making payments on posters produced for her cable-TV reality show ‘’Braxton Family Values.’’

The advertising company in question, National Promotions & Advertising (NPA) claims that the R&B singer owes more than $57,000. They are also suing the producers of the show, which airs on WEtv, The Urban Daily reports.

Toni Braxton’s representative, however, says that the singer doesn’t owe the company a dime, which is ruddy confusing when we’re trying to understand this situation…

NPA have claimed that they had a contract with the songstress to place 4,300 posters promoting her show around the country, claiming that Toni has nothing to do with the marketing budget of the television series and said that it was up to WEtv to make the payments.

They also claim that Braxton agreed to pay $57,000, but the singer may have a valid defense to the contract claim if she was never a party to the agreement in the first place.

Hope she manages to get out of that sticky sitch…

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