Scientology Wants Robert Pattinson Following Kristen Stewart's Affair

According to reports they want him to join the church

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Scientology Wants Robert Pattinson Following Kristen Stewart's Affair

The National Enquirer has reported that The Church of Scientology has set their sights on Robert Pattinson following his split from Kristen Stewart. Allegedly the church is embarrassed by Katie Holmes departure from the fold and is keen to add the Twilight hunk to their followers.

According to the National Enquirer sources say that the Church was embarrassed by Tom Cruise’s quickie divorce from the actress and in order to save face want to welcome R-Patz, 26, into the religion.

It is thought that actress Kirstie Alley has been put in charge of recruiting the heartbroken actor and has been spotted visiting him at his LA home.

“The Church of Scientology would love to have Rob in the fold,” says Amy Scobee, formerly a high-ranking Scientologist.

“He’s the ideal candidate for Scientology. The Church believes that everyone has a situation they can help them with, and they prey on people in their weak moments. Since he’s going through a bad breakup, it would be perfect timing for them to step in and ‘help’. And if Kirstie’s a friend and neighbor, he might listen to her.”

Rob is yet to comment after K-Stew's affair with Rupert Sanders broke last week.

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