One Direction Reveal Who They Would Date Out Of...One Direction!

The boys had some surprising choices

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One Direction Reveal Who They Would Date Out Of...One Direction!

With rumours swirling around Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles’ ‘close’ relationship, what else would the One Direction boys do that reveal who they would date out of each other? Right…

The lads divulged to Elle Girl Japan which one of their fellow boy band members they would like to take on a date if they were a lucky lady.

18-year old Harry said: If I was a girl I would date… Probably Liam.” “He’s a solid choice,” agreed Louis who let’s face it was probably a teeny bit jealous his BFF hadn’t picked him.

When the question turned to him, Louis could not give an answer.“I think I… Hmmm. Come back to me.”

Niall Horan jumped in to save Louis: “I’d date Louis”. To which his chosen boy replied: “I think I might date Niall. I was gonna say you, Niall.”

“I’d like to go to a theme park with you on our first date,” said Niall joked.

Liam Payne then interjected his opinion, adding one more to Louis’ fans: “I think I’d date Louis as well. If I was a girl, that is, I’d date Louis.”

“I’m gonna be a busy boy,” Louis laughed.

Poor Zayn Malik was left out in the cold after none of the boys picked him and this did not go unnoticed: “Well I’d date none of you, ‘cause none of you picked me” he said.

Noone picked Harry, Zayn. But then again he already has the whole world chasing after him, so he probably is not that bothered.

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Liam Payne and Niall Horan (pr) 03/08/2012