Katy Perry On Russell Brand: 'I Would Literally Be Bent Over Crying'

The 'Teenage Dream' sounds more like a nightmare to us...

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Katy Perry On Russell Brand: 'I Would Literally Be Bent Over Crying'
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Katy Perry has revealed that her marriage to Russell Brand would leave her "bent over crying" before she went on stage.

Well, we did notice that in 'Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D' to be honest. But it's good to share your feelings Katy...

The singer has spoken out about her failed marriage to Elle magazine, revealing that the anguish of her split from Russell would often leave her feeling as if she couldn't carry on with her heavy concert schedule:

"There were times when I would be literally bent over crying before I went on stage."

However, in the spirit of Freddie Mercury before her, Katy Perry would always realise that the show must go on, no matter what:

"But I'd throw myself on that lift, suck it up and realise that my problems are my problems... My pain is my pain and it's not theirs."

"I have to separate the personal and the professional. Otherwise it all gets too messy."

The 'Wide Awake' singer certainly seems far happier now she's embracing the single life to the max. She's been spotted out and about with Robert Ackroyd, Florence + The Machine hunk, as well as been caught having sleepovers with Jennifer Aniston's bad boy ex John Mayer.

More intriguingly, sources have suggested that Katy Perry is planning to make a move on newly single Robert Pattinson, after the singer revealed that she has always harboured a crush on the 'Cosmopolis' star.

We guess, whether these rumours are true or not so true, Russell Brand is the furthest thing from Katy's mind right now!

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