WATCH: Naked Twitter Pictures Exposed!

Our favourite celebs love to snap themselves in the buff...

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Twitter is a great way of sharing with the world what you’re up to, but it seems that some celebs like to use the micro-blogging site to share a little too much.

Celeb tweeters just can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to posting revealing photos. Recently Lady Gaga joined the trend by posting a picture on her website where she appears to be skinny-dipping with her boyfriend Taylor Kinney as he embraces her for a passionate kiss in the water. And with multiple pictures of Rihanna in her bikini and Kim Kardashian taking a dip, it seems as though revealing twitter pics are trending.

Only a short while back it was scandalous if celebs did a semi-naked photo shoot, with magazines paying hefty sums to snap them in their underwear. Then came the era of the paparazzi catching celebs from a rather low angle and we soon discovered that not many of them seem to wear underwear. Well now we welcome a new era – the era of the naked twitter pic. 

Whether they are lounging by a pool, stripping off after the shower or just prancing in their underwear, celebrities just love whipping their clothes off!

Check out Lady Gaga's most intimate snaps...

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Lady Gaga (Twitter) 07/08/2012