It's All About The Money! Brad Pitt Treats Angelina Jolie To £250,000 Watch

Brad splashed out on the 'world's most expensive watch' as a pre-wedding gift!

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It's All About The Money! Brad Pitt Treats Angelina Jolie To £250,000 Watch
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After being named one of the world's richest couples in the Forbes poll yesterday (August 8), Brad Pitt continues to shower fiancee Angelina Jolie in luxurious gifts it seems, as the actor splashed out a whopping £250,000 on a custom-made watch for his wife. Not bad, eh?

The actor is known to be rather generous in terms of his rather large bank balance and his family and continued this with the extravagant 'pre-wedding' gift, which was a custom-made Patek-Philippe Minute Repeater, gold with a mother of pearl dial, despite the fact that us 'normal folk' would have to join a 2-year waiting list if we wanted to buy one. Pfft, as if!

A source tells The Sun: “He wanted to buy Ange a unique gift that very few people own which is like a piece of art - and the highly sophisticated watch is just that”

“It chimes sounds based on Big Ben and is constructed by hand.”

The superstar couple finally got engaged back in April and are rumoured to be walking down the aisle at their super posh French chateau.

It's thought that the actor will present the lavish gift to his wife-to-be beforehand. Pfft, not much of a surprise now is it?

The source then added: “He went to Geneva to pick it up. It's believed he'll present it to Ange as a pre-wedding gift.”

Meanwhile, the money keeps on flowing it seems as Brad has also reportedly splashed out on a dirt bike for son Maddox's 11th birthday.

The 'Moneyball' actor has apparently bought his eldest son a Suzuki DRZ-125, reports E! News.

A representative for the bike company has told the website that the bike had been bought from a dealership in Ruislip in Germany. While an insider has claimed that the 48-year-old wants his eldest kids, Maddox and eight-year-old Pax to learn how to ride safely as well as responsible.

"He wants the boys to be able to ride them on private land," a source told the website.

"It'll be a fun thing for them to do, and obviously he has a real passion for bikes which he'd like to pass on."

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