'American Idol' Judge Drama: Pepsi & Coke Fight Over Nicki Minaj

The show wants a four-judge panel for season 12...

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'American Idol' Judge Drama: Pepsi & Coke Fight Over Nicki Minaj
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While auditions for the new season of American Idol are not too far away, there is some major drama happening behind the curtain to cast Nicki Minaj as a new judge.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, their sources with close ties to Fox show have revealed that Pepsi and Coke are fighting over the 29-year-old music superstar.

The singer, rapper and fashion extraordinaire has become one of the most profiting musicians in the past few years – and American Idol greatly desires the Starships singer to be in one of the judges seats for season 12.

But Minaj is the new face of Pepsi, which causes problems with Idol sponsor Coke and they’re not too thrilled at the possible candidate. (Coke has been a partner since its first season.)

The Fox show ran into a similar problem when their other longtime sponsor Ford received word that season 11 judge Jennifer Lopez had signed a commercial deal with Fiat.

Sources also tell the magazine that if Fox gets their way, Idol’s judging panel will be formed by Minaj, a country star (their number one choice is Keith Urban), a Latin artist (heartthrob Enrique Iglesias is their leading contender) and their only locked-in judge so far, Mariah Carey.

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