X Factor's Ella Henderson Felt Pressure To Impress Gary Barlow

looked up to the Take That song writer

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X Factor's Ella Henderson Felt Pressure To Impress Gary Barlow
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Amongst the usual conveyor belt of weird and wonderful auditions on Saturday night's X Factor launch, it was Adele sound-a-like, Ella Henderson who really wowed the audience and judges with her heart wrenching performance.

After her truly emotional rendition of an original song that was inspired by her late Grandfather, she received a standing ovation from the Manchester audience, but it was the Take That singer she felt most pressure to impress.

‘It's the fact that he's an amazing songwriter himself", she said speaking to The Daily Mirror. "That's what I want to do. I wanted his opinion on my song.

"The song is one of my newer ones and it meant a lot to me. I've got loads of stuff I've been writing for the past few years."

The teen singer has been studying music at boarding school ever since she was 10, when she won a place on the talent show it was a dream come true for the Lincolnshire lass.

"My parents didn't think I'd get in because I'm from a small town.

"When I did it was a shock to them. I was their youngest, but they knew it was what I wanted to do", she added.

"I was 10 or 11 when I first went away. I found it a bit of a struggle at first. But later I absolutely loved being away, meeting new people, growing in confidence and becoming an independent girl."

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