Harry Styles To Follow Prince Harry Down 'Naked Photo' Route? Star Blows $50,000 On Alcohol During Vegas Pool Party!

Harry has apparently 'been warned' about doing anything too crazy!

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Harry Styles To Follow Prince Harry Down 'Naked Photo' Route? Star Blows $50,000 On Alcohol During Vegas Pool Party!
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Harry Styles is known to be one of the 'more rebellious' members of One Direction, but even we were a little shocked when we read that the boyband member blew $50,000 on alcohol when the band visited Las Vegas recently. Insanity!

And now, with the 'Prince Harry naked photo scandal' emerging earlier this week, apparently the 1D member has been warned to keep his wits about him and not let anyone take random naked photo's of him. Standard.

However, it's not really the same...is it? Harry Styles sings in an extremely popular boyband, but he hardly has to run the country from time to time. Even if 1D are taking over the world, slowly but surely...

Reports suggest that Haz bought 100 bottles of champagne at a pool party in Sin City earlier this year, dropping a massive $50,000 on the high class booze.

Speaking to Heatworld one insider said: “Harry bought champagne for every cabana. He bought Veuve Clicquot I would imagine 100 bottles. They cost minimum 300-400 bucks [they are actually on the menu as $525 each]."

“I love that he did that, not because he has the money, but because he just had a good time with everybody"

Ah, there's one party that we wouldn't mind crashing!

Meanwhile, Harry isn't the only 1D member that's been a bit naughty. Zayn Malik has also apparently 'cheated' on Little Mix girlfriend Perrie Edwards. However, he's since denied the rumours and even quit social networking site Twitter!

Following the uproar of his exit from the social site, the singer confirmed that he deleted his Twitter account after tiring of rumours about him smoking weed and cheating on girlfriend Perrie Edwards.

Zayn explained to close friends on social messenger Kik that he was sick of rumours spiralling out of control due to his Twitter updates: "Don’t worry about me, im fine. I just deleted my account because of all the hate i was getting just by tweeting something simple."

"And all the rumours of me smoking weed and cheating. I dont need to read any of that negativity."

Hmmm...what to believe??

Harry Styles loves a good party!

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Harry Styles looking worse for wear at Nick Grimshaw's birthday party August 10 2012 (WENN)