Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Prince Lorenzo Versus The Situation

Prince Lorenzo and The Situation seem to have both fallen for Danica.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Prince Lorenzo Versus The Situation
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It was all love and games in tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother. Danica, The Situation and Prince Lorenzo became unwillingly entangled in a love triangle – and that’s not including Danica’s boyfriend in the outside world!

Regular viewers of the show will know that The Situation has not hidden his feelings about Danica, making it clear to all that he liked her. However she has not hidden the fact she has a boyfriend on the outside world.

The plot thickens however as Prince Lorenzo has also revealed he has feelings for Danica and tonight told her himself: “I would kiss you if you were single.” Awkward.

And it’s not just these three involved – the whole house seems to have an opinion on the uncomfortable situation that is unfolding.

Coleen told The Situation to leave Danica alone to stop himself getting hurt. She then spoke to Danica, reminding her that although she may see it as harmless her boyfriend might not. Coleen added that The Situation likes Danica and by lying on his bed with him she was giving him the wrong impression.

Harvey and Ashleigh were seen talking to The Situation about, erm, the situation and told him his “boys back home” would be laughing at his behavior and how Danica has led him on. The Situation listened to their advice and said he was going to tell Danica to “step off.”

Prince Lorenzo and Danica were seen together throughout the episode, discussing the events. Prince Lorenzo said he was worried about talking to Danica as he felt it made The Situation dislike him.

The Situation then confirmed this by asking Prince Lorenzo whether he had ever sat alone at lunch in high school. When Danica asked what he meant by that, Prince Lorenzo explained The Situation was saying he was a loner in the group. Danica looked shocked by this.

The episode closed with both men confessing their undying love for Danica in the diary room with Prince Lorenzo adding that he was going to try and clear the air with The Situation. We aren't sure that will go down too well.....

What do you think? Is Danica leading them on or are they both acting wrongly when they know she has a boyfriend?

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