Katie Holmes Spends 15000 Dollars On Sexy Lingerie - But Who Is She Wearing It For?

The former Mrs Tom Cruise seems to be moving on up...

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Katie Holmes stunned the world (and Tom Cruise!) when she filed for the quickest Hollywood divorce ever. So when she was spotted stocking up on sexy lingerie this week, tongues began to wag as to WHO she was planning on wearing it for...

Katie Holmes is looking good in the wake of her divorce from Tom Cruise, isn't she? The brunette 'Batman Begins' star has ditched the flats and frumpy clothes in exchange for sexy fitted numbers and cute high-heeled shoes.

And now it seems, according to the National Enquirer at least, that the actress is set to reinvent herself completely following an extravagant spending spree in NYC.

"[She] bought 15 pairs of pricey Christian Louboutin shoes and went on a tear at Barneys New York department store, buying a closet's worth of clingy cocktail dresses and power suits to wear to auditions and meetings."

"She wants to show the world who she really is - a beautiful, confident and talented woman balancing single motherhood and a thriving career."

More intriguing, however, was the fact that Katie Holmes apparently spent an absolutely whopping $15,000 on the sexiest lingerie she could find!

"Katie treated herself to a lavish post-split pick me up shopping spree. She splurged on nearly $15,000 worth of sexy lingerie and undergarments alone."

While we're pretty sure that Katie is just opting for sexy lingerie to give herself a confidence boost - hey, we would if we had the bucks! - plenty of tongues are already wagging in Hollywood as people try to figure out which hunky man Katie is planning on debuting her new purchases for.

A hot contender for the role of "shoulder to cry on" is her ex-boyfriend (and former fiance) Chris Klein, although we imagine that Katie's probably too busy looking after daughter Suri Cruise and working on her career to find time to date at the moment...

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