Katie Holmes To Keep 'Millions Of Dollars In Jewelry And Gifts' Given To Her By Tom Cruise

Follows stingy payout from Tom in divorce settlement

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Following a less than generous child support settlement in her divorce from Tom Cruise, reports suggest that Katie Holmes is set to cash in on her marriage by keeping "millions of dollars of jewelry and gifts'.

The actress didn't get a huge payout from her mega rich ex husband due to a pre-nup, with Katie reportedly accepting just $400,000 a year in child support for their daughter Suri. Don't feel too sorry for Katie though as it's now being suggested that the canny star will be set for life by keeping hold of lavish gifts given to her by Tom.

RadarOnline.com reports a source as saying: "Tom was extremely generous to Katie with lavish gifts during their marriage and she will be keeping millions of dollars of jewelry, Hermes handbags and other luxurious items," 

"Tom gave Katie diamond earrings as a birthday gift one year that easily cost over $500k and he had custom design pieces made for her. Under terms of the divorce, Katie is keeping all of the jewelry, handbags, accessories, and designer clothing."

"What she does with it is up to her. For the time being, the jewels are being kept in a very safe place and knowing Katie, it's likely she will one day give them to Suri once she is old enough."

The source continues to say that Katie was never interested in Tom's millions and agreed to the modest payout in favour of exiting the five-year marriage as quickly as possible:

"Katie was never with Tom for the money. When it came time for the divorce, she just wanted it to be done quickly and with as little disruption to Suri's life as possible. Suri has always been Katie's number one priority and concern. During the divorce settlement talks Katie just wanted to make sure that she and her daughter would be taken care of from a financial standpoint."

Katie's designer handbag collection is said to "rival her pal Victoria Beckham's" and apparently includes "at least ten Hermes handbags ranging in price from 10k-50k, each"

The fact that the designer pieces belonged to famous Katie means the star could get even more money for them should she decide to sell..

Wow, we wonder if Katie plans to flog Suri's designer collection too? That mini fashionista's  wardrobe must be worth millions!

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