Tracy Anderson Slams Moms 'That Let Their Bodies Go,' Drops Baby Weight In Six Weeks

The celebrity trainer to Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow says women 'use pregnancy as an excuse'...

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Tracy Anderson Slams Moms 'That Let Their Bodies Go,' Drops Baby Weight In Six Weeks

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson has helped shape Hollywood’ biggest stars helping their bodies bounce back post-baby, and the fitness expert is showing off her recent baby weight loss while not being shy about sharing her opinion on moms struggling to lose theirs.

“A lot of women use pregnancy as an excuse to let their bodies go, and that’s the worst thing,” Anderson, who gave birth in May to her second child daughter Penelope, tells Dujour Magazine in their September issue and revealed she lost the weight in just six weeks. “I’ve seen so many women who come to me right after (having children) with disaster bodies that have gone through hell, or they come to me years later and say, ‘Oh, my body is like this because I had three kids.”

The toned fitness guru who launched to fame when she became known as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow’s trainer that turned them into hot “momshells,” says she only gained 30 pounds her second time around by continuing to work out and not overeating.

The slight – and healthy – weight gain for her tiny five-feet tall Anderson was a big difference from her last pregnancy, where she struggled to lose the 60 pounds of baby weight she gained due to  over-indulging in too many hot dogs and milkshakes.

“I feel like I’ve lived an entire lifetime since then,” said Anderson, former dancer and creator of the Tracy Anderson Method workout, who has also trained Shakira, Courtney Cox, Gisele Bündchen and Nicole Richie in recent years. “For 13 years I’ve been jumping around, dancing at such high levels all over the world and with no sleep for multiple hours a day. I thought, ‘Please, I can bust out an hour of dance aerobics, no problem.’ Wrong!”

Gwyneth Paltrow's workout with Tracy Anderson was documented for a segment on The Oprah Winfrey Show (WENN)

The woman behind the famous sculpted A-list bodies seems to know the struggles, Anderson is convinced a new mommy doesn’t have to be a celebrity to be able to lose the baby weight.

“I know that the journey of getting back to your best level of performance physically is very hard, but it’s an incredibly empowering place to be.”

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