Prince Harry No Show At Paralympic Opening Ceremony Following Las Vegas Sex Scandal

Prince failed to attend start of games despite being a Team GB Ambassador

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Prince Harry No Show At Paralympic Opening Ceremony Following Las Vegas Sex Scandal
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Looks like royal rebel Prince Harry is still in the dog house for his Las Vegas naked shenanigans as the 27 year-old failed to accompany his grandmother the Queen and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to the spectacular opening of the London Paralympics in the Olympic Park last night. (Aug 29)

Despite being an ambassador for Team GB at the Paralympic Games the prince was noticeably absent from proceedings and with the Duke of Edinburgh still in hospital it was Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex and wife The Countess of Wessex to accompany the Queen.

Harry is expected to make his first appearance now on Monday, according to the MailOnline he will watch the swimming before heading to Team GB House to meet the Paralympic athletes.

No doubt, Harry was kept out of the way so as not to take away from the focus on the athletes. It has been over a week now since photographs of the prince, naked and grabbing onto other naked girls during a wild party in Las Vegas were first leaked online by US site TMZ.

Details of the night are still emerging with one party goer claiming that the Prince was rampant with only, “two things in his sights: vodka and women.”

Melissa Vagner added: "He was naked for a long time at the party? He didn't seem to care what he did.”

This is sure to cause further embarrassment to the royal family who have worked hard to improve Harry's wild child image over the years.

During the Olympic Games the young royals attended over 20 events and are expected to be a visible force at the Paralympics as well.

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