Doctor Who Kicks Off With A Dalek Showdown

The BBC1 series began with an exciting twist

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Doctor Who Kicks Off With A Dalek Showdown
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The wait is finally over as the new series of Doctor Who was kick started with a bang as the infamous arch enemies of the Doctor - the Daleks - returned for the first time in over a series.

In a brilliant storyline, the Doctor was first seen in the midst of the Dalek empire, the Dalek Asylum and was shot down before being ‘acquired’ by his enemies before his companion Amy Pond and Rory were also ‘acquired.’

“How much trouble are we in? Out of 10. 11!” was the line spoken by the doctor as the mass of Daleks ensued around them in their spaceship of the Parliament of the Daleks. But all was not well as the Daleks begged the doctor for them to be saved. “Well, this is new!” he added.

Next to be seen was Oswin who turns out to be the doctors newest companion, played by actress Jenna-Louise Coleman, who’s ship was crashed and in need of help.

The action continued as Amy, Rory and the Doctor were transported to Alaska via the Dalek Asylum in order to break the seal of the planet in order for it to be destroyed, but on their way they met more Daleks that were on the warpath and ready to “Exterminate.”

The Doctor and Amy were separated from Rory who was beamed underground and left to follow his own journey, which was overshadowed by the witty and flirtatious Oswin who directed him on his way to safety. Eventually they managed to destroy a handful of the feared enemy and Rory was reunited with Amy and the Doctor.

The Doctor then continued in a bid to find Oswin, but was confronted by the Daleks who awoke to surround the Doctor. But just in time Oswin saved the day.

However it later turned out that Oswin dreamed the whole thing as it turned out she was in fact a Dalek who was fighting to remain human. Oswin did all she could to save the Doctor by taking down the forcefield so that the Daleks could destroy the planet.

In the end the memories of the Daleks were wiped so that they questioned his very existence, but all was not lost as they went to “Exterminate!” Doctor Who. “Doctor Who? Doctor Who?” they screamed as his TARDIS teleported away and out of the Daleks spaceship ready for his next adventure.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you like the Doctors newest companion?

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