WATCH: X Factor's Christopher Maloney Reveals He Had To Watch The Show On His Own!

Hopeful messed up his dates, his mum had 'laid on a spread' and everything!

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We always thought if you were lucky enough to grace the X Factor stage that you'd watch back your triumphal audition on telly surrounded by adoring friends and family. Unfortunately for Christopher Maloney, last weekend's stand-out hopeful, he was forced to re-live his amazing audition on his own after a date mix-up!

Chris wowed us and the judges when he overcame his nerves to give one of the best auditions of the 2012 series so far. After filming his first round earlier in the summer he must have been pretty excited to finally watch it back with his loved ones when it aired on Saturday night (September 8).

As the hopeful told Entertainmentwise's Georgie though he was left to watch it alone in a hotel room!

Christopher Maloney on The X Factor (PHOTO: WENN)

Apparently poor Chris was told his audition would be shown on the week before's episode. In anticipation he gathered his family and friends to watch:

"I was told that I was going to be on two weeks ago so we had a bbq, my mum put on a big spread. They all came over and we watched it and I wasn't on!"

Embarrassingly it wasn't just his immediate family who Chris told, he also had to sheepishly apologise to his work after telling them the wrong date:

"I had to apologise to everyone and everyone at work. People were having pizza parties and X Factor parties all over Liverpool and I had to apologise, I'm so sorry!"

Aw! Poor Chris, we're sure if he makes it to the live rounds it'll be hard for his family to miss him. We've got a feeling he's going to go far in the show!

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