Justin Bieber And One Direction Cause Havoc After Late Night Jam Session

The singer landed in the UK this week

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Justin Bieber and One Direction seem to get along like a house on fire so it's no wonder the singer hooked up with the lads when in landed in the UK earlier this week.

The 'Boyfriend' singer revealed that he and One Direction got into a little trouble after a late-night jam session.

Straight after landing in the UK, Bieber headed over to Niall's London house to play some music and catch up but there 'jam session' angered Niall's neighbours.

"We have a great time together," Justin told The Metro. "I went over to Niall's house yesterday.

Justin Bieber and Niall cook together after MTV VMAs (Twitter)

"Think we p****d people off a little bit," the Canadian pop singer admitted. "We were making a little jam session at three in the morning and he lives in this apartment.

"So there's people underneath him and we were playing really loud and all the sudden we heard "bang, bang, bang" on the door and this guy shouted "keep it down". It was crazy."

Justin Bieber is currently on a promotional tour of Europe promoting his new book Just Getting Started and appeared at a secret London location to meet fans yesterday (September 12).

Justin Bieber jetting around the globe (Twitter)

One Direction and Justin Bieber went head-to-head last week at the MTV Video Music Awards for Best Pop Video but after the 1D bagged the award the 'Boyfriend' singer seemed happy for his friends.

Check out Justin's video for 'As Long As You Love Me' - can you imagine a Justin and Niall duet?

Justin Bieber - 'As Long As You Love Me':

Justin Bieber Mobbed By Fans In London

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