One Direction Rift? Niall Horan Prefers To Be Alone, Unless Justin Bieber's Around

Irish star says friendship with Bieber is a 'dream'

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One Direction have spent the last two years living in each other's pockets so we're not surprised that when they get time on their own, Niall Horan just wants to be alone. The Irish hunk admitted, in a recent interview that when he gets back from tour all he wants to do is chill out and watch a bit of TV.

Unlike his 1D bandmates, especially Harry Styles who has become a regular on the party circuit with new BFF Nick Grimshaw. With the rest of the boys shacked up with their girlfriends we're not surprised that Niall spends most of his time alone.

“I just sit on the couch – like I’ve done for the past three or four days in London,” he said, according to the Mirror.

“I only left the house once to go and buy a bottle of water.

“I just sat there, playing my guitar, putting my feet on the table and watching television.”

Speaking of his partying bandmates, Niall said: “The other boys, they like to get out,” 

“But because our lives are running at 1000mph, I try to bring it back down. When I have time off, all I want to do is do nothing.”

Well that is unless his new BFF Justin Bieber rocks up. The teen sensations have become pretty close since 1D made it in the US with Niall hanging out with the Bieb while in LA for the MTV VMAs.

Niall and Justin cook up so noodles in LA (Twitter/JustinBieber)

Justin returned the visit when he arrived in London earlier this week and caused a bit of a stir at Niall's house when the pair had a late night jamming session – oh those naughty pop stars!

Speaking of their friendship Niall said: “It’s just impossible to believe I’ve become good friends with some stars like Justin Bieber. I would call Justin a friend, someone I hang out with. It’s really weird.

“I was on Skype to my friend the other night and Justin was with me. My friends were loving it.”

He added: “Every day, I wake up and think is this all a dream.

Yesterday Niall turned 19 but rather than hit the club, he played golf at a charity event with Boyzone star Keith Duffy!

Living the dream!

Niall celebrates turning 19!

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