'It Worked For Prince William And Kate Middleton': Why Kim Kardashian Is Considering ANOTHER Marriage On TV!

The reality star says 'you can never say never'

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Despite having gone through one disastrous marriage, it doesn't seem to have put reality TV queen Kim Kardashian off, as she's now admitted that she 'would consider taking her vows on TV again'. Definitely not a case of 'you live and you learn', eh Kim?

After dismissing the idea at first, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star seems to have come round to the idea and has now revealed that she can't rule out another TV marriage on the family reality TV show.

Kim's currently a little TOO loved-up with current boyfriend Kanye West (just one too many PDA sessions for our liking!) and with Kanye already name-checking his other half in a recently leaked track, it looks like things are definitely getting serious between the showbiz pair.

When asked about marriage, Kim told The Guardian: "Well, I guess you never say never," she says.

"So many other people have gotten married on TV and it has worked for them," Kim told the publication.

Before adding, "William and Kate got married on TV."

Kim & Kanye may get married on TV. Wise move? (Photo: WENN)

Hmmm...EXACTLY the same. Right?

Meanwhile, it looks like a wedding may not be the only time we see the lovebirds on screen, as Kim is keen to get her boyfriend involved with new spin-off show Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.

With reports claiming that Kim will be heading to Miami to film spin-off show, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, it is thought that Kim wants Kanye to be in the show as much as he can.

An insider claimed to HollywoodLife: "Kim is really excited that Kanye has agreed to spend quality time with her in Miami so he can appear on the new show Kourtney & Kim Take Miami."

A little too much, maybe?

Kim & Kanye head out on a romantic shopping spree!

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Kanye West checks out girlfriend Kim Kardashian's cleavage while shopping in New York but fails to notice ugly cream boots, Sept 2 (SplashNews)