POLL: As Shirley MacLaine And Maggie Smith Prepare To Do Battle On Downton Abbey, What's The Greatest TV Rivalry?

From Sherlock to Gossip Girl which is the biggest telly battle?

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Tonight sees the return of 'Downton Abbey' to our telly screens (seriously we're counting down the hours!) and with it the arrival of Shirley MacLaine to do battle with the great Maggie Smith.

The legendary Shirley plays Lady Cora's mother Martha Levinson, who arrives at Downton in time for the long awaited wedding of Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley. Martha looks set to be a fierce rival for the fiery Dowager Countess, played by Dame Maggie.

We've been looking forward to this telly battle all year so with just a few more hours to wait we decided to pass the time by, drum roll please, rounding up the greatest TV rivalries of all time!

There's been a good few over the years with our favourites including girl on girl fights from the likes of Serena and Blaire on 'Gossip Girl' and Sharon Osbourne vs Dannii Minogue on X Factor back in the olden days.

For the boys how about Sherlock vs Morarity in the BBC series 'Sherlock', we're still not sure exactly how that ones gonna end with the dramatic cliff hanger from last series!

Over on US telly we've got Sue Sylvester vs. Mr Schu in 'Glee' and a vintage one in the form of Alexis vs Krystle in 'Dynasty'. Or how about Lauren Conrad vs Heidi Montag from the reality show that started it all 'The Hills'.

Perhaps you've got your own favourite telly fight? Have we missed one, let us know! Take part in the poll and join us on the sofa (and over on Twtitter) at 9pm tonight for Shirley vs Maggie on Downton!

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What's TV's Greatest Rivalry?

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