Louis Tomlinson 'Flips Out' Over Harry Styles Gay Rumours: 'It's The Biggest Load Of Bulls**t'

'Larry' believers have taken it too far, as his mum gets Twitter abuse too

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Louis Tomlinson "flipped out" over Twitter after being overcome with anger over fans who are convinced that he is in a relationship with fellow One Direction star Harry Styles, despite their protestations that they aren't and Louis' happy relationship with Eleanor Calder.

Taking to Twitter over the bromance, Louis wrote: "Hows this, Larry is the biggest load of bulls**t I've ever heard. I'm happy why can't you accept that."

The rumours have persisted despite both Harry and Louis denying any form of romance, with the Doncaster native even admitting the ridiculous speculation is affecting their friendship.

According to MTV News in an interview with Tumblr, Louis said: “This is a subject that was funny at first but now is actually hard to deal with as I am in a relationship.”

“Me and Harry are best friends, people look into our every move,” he explained, “it is actually affecting the way me and Harry are in public."

“We want to joke around but there seems to be a different rumour every time we do anything.”

He also hit out at followers who sent hate mail to his mother Jay.

A user wrote: "Shut the f**k up with your lovely bullsh** you're the biggest fuck up stay the f**k out of this"

In response the understandably horrified Louis replied: "An I ask why this is ok? To think someone would speak to my Mum like that sickens me. Grow the f**k up!"

Later, having calmed down the star admitted he wished he could chat to fellow 1D Zayn Malik.

He wrote: "And now to finish on a good note :) ive clearly flipped on twitter today. I'm sorry to any REAL fan of ours that I've offended,"

"Wouldn't mind a good heart to heart with @zaynmalik right now ! Missing you man !"

Zayn also recently had a Twitter meltdown, leaving the social networking site for 24 hours due to abuse.

Poor Louis, his mum, his friends and his girlfriend all getting slated on Twitter! That's not fair, guys give him a break!

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