What Kate Middleton Did Next: Royal Couple Fly Home To Face Topless Picture Controversy

How will the royal couple ride out the scandal as Danish mag print topless Kate photos

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After a nine day tour to Southeast Asia taking in Singapore, Malaysia the Solomon Islands and even the remote island of Tuvalu, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and Prince William are on their way back to the UK.

What should have been a successful trip for the royal couple, who were greeted by thousands of adoring people as they toured the region, inciting the same frenzied response in small villages as larger cities like Kuala Lumpur proving they are just as loved half way round the world as they are in Britain, was over shadowed by the scandalous release of topless photos of the Duchess sun bathing.

Taken during a private holiday to a house owned by the Queen's nephew, Viscount Linley, in the Provence region of France. Unbeknown to the couple, a photographer caught the couple relaxing on the balcony of their remote château with a long lensed camera, taken from a public road over a mile and a half from the house.

Despite protestations from the couple through their spokesperson, who slammed the decision to publish the photos as “grotesque”, French Closer magazine ran the grainy images and sparked a media frenzy.

While the timing perhaps wasn't great, it did mean the couple could escape the intense press coverage, as the Irish Daily Star and Italian mag, Chi also running the photos. Celebrities, editors and even ex royal Sarah Ferguson added their voice to the argument over where blame lay and whether the photos should have been printed.

Prince William waves as the couple leave the Solomon Islands, (Splash News)

US actress Emma Roberts claimed the royal brought it on herself by sun bathing topless, while Kelly Osbourne threw her support behind Kate, taking to Twitter to condemn the photos.

Now the couple will return to the UK, they will find it harder to avoid the controversy. Danish magazine, Se og Hoer, are planning to release the photos tomorrow as lawyers for the couple continue both civil and criminal cases against the photographer and Closer in France.

Meaning the story will continue to hit headlines around the world. No doubt the couple will be eager to hide away in Angelsey, where they rent a farmhouse and keep a low profile. Knowing how close the Duchess is to her family, a visit to their sleepy village of Bucklebury, to see her parents and brother and sister maybe in order, or we could see Pippa heading up for some quality time in North Wales.

They may even escape to Scotland to the Queen's private estate of Balmoral where they are guaranteed privacy. Both Kate and William are known to be found of Scotland and often spend quiet weekends on the estate in Aberdeenshire, with William's father, the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Whatever they do, we are sure they will be smiling. Despite the controversy the couple have stayed upbeat and cheerful throughout their tour and again raised smiles as they made a quick stopover in Brisbane, Australia before heading home.

Kate and Wills arrive at Brisbane Airport to very warm Aussie welcome, (Twitter/BrisbaneAirport)

An onlooker at the airport told Us Weekly on seeing Kate: "She looked amazing, she is so graceful,"

"It's really impressive that they came up through the normal terminal. I have even more respect for them now."

With another adding: "It's really nice for people in Australia that she is here, even if it's only briefly . . . She always looks so comfortable and elegant."

One place we are almost certain she won't go is France, they're going to have to wait quite a while before the couple venture there again we predict!

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