Is One Direction Bad Boy Harry Styles Planning A Face Tattoo?!

Maybe he could get Natalie Imbruglia's name in ink...

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We know he's a bit of a bad boy but this really takes the biscuit, apparently One Direction's curly haired lothario is planning to get another tattoo- on his face!

Harry already has plenty of inkings on his bod but has reportedly been inspired by the work of his fellow iTunes Festival performer Angel. The 'Wonderful' singer supported 1D at their iTunes gig earlier this week and soon struck up a backstage friendship with Harry.

Apparently impressionable Haz was "fascinated" by Angel's face inkings which include several musical notes under his left eye as well as stars on the other side of his face.

Inspiration? Harry Styles is reportedly planning a face tattoo similar to his iTunes festival support act Angel (Photo: WENN)

A backstage source has told the Daily Star:

"Harry Styles was fascinated by Angel’s face tattoos,"

"So he [Angel] offered to take Harry down to see his friend who did the tattoo and runs a tattoo parlour in Fulham. They swapped numbers."

Harry already has an impressive collection of tats including his latest, the words "17 Black" inked on his collarbone. As well as the face artwork it's also been rumoured the boyband rebel is planning a sleeve tattoo.

Kevin Paul, who also inks the likes of Ed Sheeran and Rizzle Kicks, told Sugarscape: ''I’m doing him a half sleeve which he doesn’t mind people knowing about. "

We wonder if Harry's new inkwork will include any girls names? After all he has been spotted with a truckload of beautiful ladies this week including Alexa Chung, Pixie Geldof and new potential cougar Natalie Imbruglia.

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