WATCH: Justin Bieber's Amazing Performance On Dancing With The Stars

Badboy bieber burned it up, whilst it all went wrong for Pamela Anderson

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Justin Bieber wowed fans last night by performing on Dancing With The All-Stars, and the singer was on great form, performing 'As Long As You Love Me' in the studio and via the magic of television to millions across the US.

Bieber took to the stage last night to perform the hit single, with the performance becoming an instant hit with his fanatical 'Beliebers'.

Bieber it seems is still the man of the moment, and has gained millions of fans around the world.

Justin Bieber on 'Dancing With The Stars' (Photo: ABC/WENN)

On the show, actress Pamela Anderson was the first star to leave as the first week of the competition came to an end last night.

Fans were thrilled to see her return for another season, and had high hopes for her in the competition, although evidently not enough to vote the former Baywatch actress through.

Since the performance, Bieber has been tweeting about his grief following the death of brave fan and 'Mrs Bieber'  Avalanna Routh, who passed away from brain cancer at the age of just 6.

WATCH: Justin Bieber on 'Dancing With The Stars'

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